Pillar #6 - Transformation

How we express our life purpose and use our life experiences to grow and share with others.

Transformation – Self-Knowledge

What is your deepest interest in the world? What intention do you feel intense passion to bring out in your life? How are your current circumstances supporting you? What golden nugget does your life experiences have for you? How can you give back and serve others with your gifts? What is your attitude towards life? What mindset is most supportive for your growth and evolution? What areas of your life do you sense uneasiness? Where in your body do you feel fear, anger, tension, anxiety, or shame, and what lies underneath it? What areas of life do you see yourself suffering, and what do you need to do to move beyond that?

Communities supporting the Transformation Pillar

When a person talks about transformation, they typically talk about a specific “powerful” event or something “amazing” that happens to them that creates a new awareness and new direction in their life. However, these brief experiences often only lead to superficial changes that are temporary, and when they go back to daily living, they end up falling back into old habits and routines. This is not the kind of transformation we are talking about.

True transformational change requires a deep understanding of oneself on a fundamental level. In order for this to take place, we must carefully observe how we operate in all situations of life. When we do this for ourselves on a deep level, we begin to see habits, routines, behaviors, actions, and thoughts that are not beneficial to our individual and collective growth as human beings. Many times these habits, routines, behaviors, and actions are unconsciously created from past traumas or childhood experiences; however, as we begin to understand ourselves more deeply, we come to realize that we are not bound by the past, and we all have an opportunity to create the reality we want to have moving forward. Seeing myself in this new light inherently creates a radical shift in my mind from which I begin living my life in a completely new direction.

As I begin taking steps in this new direction, I will sometimes feel tension or stress in my body when old habits and actions show up or even when other people say things that no longer feel right to me. It is in these moments of apprehension that we have a chance to look underneath why that uneasiness is there. Often the discomfort arises because our body instinctively knows what direction is right for us. Some people refer to this automatic physical or energetic sensing in response to situations as our “intuition.” As we begin to trust these feelings over time, adjusting to this new way of living becomes spontaneous and immediate, like responding to an imminent threat of danger. Ultimately, when I act automatically in alignment with this new direction without having to think about it, that is when I know that true transformation has taken place.

Every moment of life is a new opportunity for transformation. As a very ancient saying goes, “The universe exists in order that the experiencer may experience it, and thus become liberated.”1 When we look at all of our lives from this perspective, we realize that every experience we have is exactly the experience we are meant to have. This doesn’t mean that I have to keep repeating the same experience over and over again, but it does mean that I have an opportunity to respond to situations and circumstances in ways that positively influence my personal growth and evolution as well as my relationship with others. This approach can be challenging, especially when things don’t go the way we like; however, it does allow us to remain open to receive blessings even in situations that are uncomfortable and painful. With this new mindset, our attitudes toward life are able to move along a more constructive path.

Every life experience is exactly the experience I need to have, and there is a golden nugget of growth in every experience for me.


My deepest life interest brings out intense energy and passion, and from deeply learning about myself and how I operate, I realize what is the most optimal way of living for me.

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